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Members of this organization shall be licensed nurses and student nurses who express commitment to the philosophy of the Miami Chapter - BNA .
A member must meet the financial requirements and other obligations for both the Miami Chapter-BNA and NBNA.  Every member of the Miami Chapter is a member of NBNA.

An active member is one whose current dues are paid; who complies with the provisions of the by-laws; and who then will have full voting rights and privileges.

Local and National applications forms must be completed.


1.         Employment opportunities and networking
2.         Scholarships and Awards (locally and nationally)
3.         Mentorship (locally and nationally)
4.         Publishing (NBAN National magazine with editorial guidance)
5.         Workshops, Seminars, and a National Conference
5.         Presentations (Locally and Nationally)
6.         Participation in International Healthcare Service
7.         Community Service Opportunities
8.         Legislative and Political Opportunities
9.         Network with National Healthcare Professionals

10.       Travel to Exciting Locations

11.       Professional Development
12.       Notary Public Service

13.       Professional Recognition

14.       Grant Writing and Participation
15.       Receive Florida State approved Continued Education Units (CEUs)