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Welcome to Black Nurses Association, Inc. (BNA) official website. BNA is the Miami Chapter of the National Black Nurses Association. BNA is an organization rooted in the tradition of being a voice for the Black Community and the community at large in regards to health issues. This goal is accomplished through a unified effort at the local and national level. Specific areas of concern includes professional growth for Black Nurses by offering continuing education seminars, advocating for equal opportunity in employment, and providing scholarship assistance to nursing student.

The purpose of the Black Nurses' Association is to provide African American Nurses the opportunity to unite as a group and become more effectively involved with the issues relevant to the health and welfare of the African American Community and the Community at large.

Community Health Issues are addressed by working collaboratively with other community organizations such as the American Cancer Society, sponsoring hypertension screening as well as other health education programs. At the governmental level we lobby on issues that directly impact our community.